Knowledge, especially in email marketing automation, sets people apart.

If you are an ActiveCampaign user that isn't quite ready for our full 1:1 onboarding package, and interested in handling implementation needs in-house, this is a month-to-month membership for you.

If you are an ActiveCampaign user that has completed a 1:1 partnership with EMA, are looking to decrease expenses yet still receive custom support and resources, this is a month-to-month membership for you.


*When you join, we'll ask that you share admin access to your ActiveCampaign account. This will allow us to jump into your account, as needed, to review for efficiency and functionality, as well as make strategy and implementation suggestions.

any of this sound familiar...?

  • You wish you understood more about the ActiveCampaign features that you are already paying for so that you could actually optimize for sales and client retention.
  • You struggle to continue increasing the value of each list subscriber.
  • You could really use someone with the expertise to provide guidance where and when you need to create funnels and segments for multiple audiences and interest categories.
  • You seek an ActiveCampaign Certified consultant who can analyze your current email marketing strategy, help you with list and tag strategy, and overall company growth.
  • You could use some help with creating high converting email templates.
  • You'd love some help with marketing/sales funnels for an online course.
  • You need help with content creation and strategy for your emails

learn ABOUT WHAT'S converting, right now, IN YOUR INDUSTRY

The best way to do that is to show you the foundational components in action with real-life automations, campaigns, and strategy analysis. That way, the lessons stick and are much easier to apply to your business...

The EMA Membership is where you will advance your knowledge, skills, network and gain the advantage when it comes to email marketing.

It's about making more sales from every subscriber, even if your list is tiny.

members of

Improved their email open and click-through rates by 20%.

Increased end-of-month sales conversions by 44%.

Increased their income by 400%

Improved client retention rate.

Learned how to segment their list properly to improve engagement.

Increased social media traffic substantially.

Here's how the
EMA MEMBERSHIP is different

Real, Personalized Strategy
Everything we share in The Knowledge Base has been tested, is high-converting, and will be catered towards YOUR account.

Certified Consultants
We are ONE out of only 41 ActiveCampaign consultants in the World.
Support Channels, Not a Community
Our team of support specialists are available to answer questions daily, via email and text. This is not a community. We are a team.
Resource Database
We have an online library of "How To" articles to guide you, based on your requests via our support chat.

Join The EMA Membership - $297/Month

*Monthly payment. Cancel at any time.

Would You Like To Tap Into The Mind of 1 of only 41 ActiveCampaign Consultants in The World, with 12+ Years of Experience in Communication and Relationship Building, and a Psychology Degree?

Jenna graduated with a minor in Psychology and worked in a Communications position for 6 years perfecting her strategy for digital relationship-building with a goal of client retention and satisfaction.

As one of only 41 ActiveCampaign Consultants in the World, Jenna has studied and practiced the ActiveCampaign email marketing platform for over 12 years.

Jenna's clients experience improved engagement and a strategy for revenue increase within 30 days of working with her.

Would you like to tap into some of this know-how?


how this membership works:


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We'll complete a review of your account, looking for efficiency and functionality, and will deliver our findings within 5 business days. You can then reach out to us via email or text whenever you have a question or need a resource.


Join The EMA Membership - $297/Month

Monthly payment. Cancel at any time.

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